from the initial idea, all the way to project realisation

Our team will work with your to help you define your idea, create the presentation materials needed, and be there to bring it to life.


We will take your initial idea, develop it through scripts, storyboards, mood boards and eye catching presentation materials.


Our award winning team is there for you to bring the project to life using cutting edge technology, artistic drive and innovative approaches.

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As master storytellers, we craft authentic narratives around your ideas, values and vision to connect deeply with your target audience. Effective communication begins with a great story. Our goal is to help you create and tell stories.

Animation is an extremely powerful and versatile communication tool that can be used to convey information with true-to-life depictions. Our animation team has vast experience using different engines and tools combined with the ability to balance technical function, aesthetics, and creativity. As a leading 3D/2D animation company and animated film studio, we understand that even the most interesting concept or topic needs some creativity and imagination for effective and vibrant communication.

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Multimedia Technologies

Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are changing the way we interact with media, information and even each other. They have the power to shift our behavior and envelop us in an entirely different world. At Prime Render Studios we design and develop VR animated films and custom VR and AR experiences for marketers, brands and companies, specializing in interactive computer generated experiences that allow for a more active experience and endless narrative possibilities. With our creative experience, studio background and technical expertise, we guide you through your VR projects from conception to deployment, assisting you in understanding the technology and what can we achieve in the medium.

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Augmented / Virtual Reality

Prime Render Studios creates VR/AR/MR solutions for a range of applications for entertainment, marketing, education and tourism.

Static 360 VR Explore projects in static 360 panoramic virtual reality – the next step in communicating your design.

AR Solutions Augmented reality visualizations enable you to observe designs projected into physical space.

Real Time VR Take a walk inside future environments and experience space as never before with real time VR solutions.

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featured project

Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral

We were commissioned by the museum to do a photogrammetry and 3d scan of 12 sculptures located in front of the museum.

Augmented reality

We created an augmented reality postcard featuring the sculptures obtained via photogrammetry.


Building on the material obtained, we created a digital museum featuring the 12 sculptures. The VR Museum is viewed with the Oculus Quest headset.

In the last 14 years our creative content has won
over 70 awards worldwide

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"For showing us that your solitude can be your salvation, where solitary wanderers can become the sentinels of our galaxy. For a film of real emotional punch about real people."
Chris Landreth
OSCAR winner
Bilo mi je izrazito zadovoljstvo surađivati sa Prime Render d.o.o. na našem projektu Interpretacijski Centar- Klis. Bili su zaduženi za tehnički i kretivni dio Centra, te su nadmašili naša očekivanja u izvedbi jednog i drugog. Radujemo se budućoj suradnji i svakako preporučujem Prime Render d.o.o. kao iznimno kvalitetne, profesionalne i odgovorne suradnike.
Mila Mihovilović
It was a total pleasure working with creative, personable and professional person like Milivoj and his Co. I would use his company any time, and know that results are going to be more than satisfying.
Marija Dail
OSCAR member

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