We are Visual Storytellers

We see our role as dedicated professionals with strong artistic background, tasked with clearly translating conceptual ideas into

captivating and engaging animated content, imagery and other digital assets.

Our creations are composed to convey stories, invoke feelings, inspire the audience and to invite the viewer to engage.
At Prime Render Studios, our skills and craftsmanship are powered and enhanced by high-tech solutions, such as AR and VR.

Award winning studio

In the course of 17 years, we have received over 70 international awards, including OSCAR qualifying Animated Eye Award at Aspen Shortfest and Jury Award at Annecy Film Festival. Our work has been featured in CG
Magazine, Animation Reporter Magazine, Expose series, just to name a few.
We have rendered our high-quality services on a global scale to clients and partners such as CNBC, FOX TV, Unilever, financial Times… All these years and today, our greatest strength is the dedication and devotion we have for our work, our people and our partners.

Why choose us?

As an integrated collective of storytellers, film directors, artists, animators and designers, we believe in the power of collaboration— the magic alchemy that happens only when working together toward a common purpose. Combining art, creativity and technical understanding with the eye for detail, we provide stunning visual solutions. We thrive on new challenges and using our skills to transform ideas into memorable results, striving to be on the frontier of cutting edge technologies through the use of the latest software and involvement in the new media. The attitude of taking our work seriously, but not ourselves, is reflected in our workplace, where we strive daily to create an environment that breeds a culture of excellence while remaining fun, collaborative, and ego-free. We work with a wide range of industries which gives us a breadth of experience unmatched by our competitors. This, together with our commitment to innovation, creative ideas, quality, and commercial viability leads us to repeatedly gain new projects from existing clients as well as engage with new business.

We are happy to discuss your needs and ideas in order to create digital greatness.

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Production outline

Script and storyboard
We work with you to create the story which is the backbone to all further project development
Content creation
Based on the storyboard we create the content needed to bring your idea to life.
Project finalisation
Once its all over, we take the time to implement the content into your project and make sure it all works perfectly.

Department heads


Veljko Popovic


Milivoj Popovic


Ivana Filip

Chief Administrative officer

Gordan Mihalec

lead 3d artist


  •     novakova 30, 2100 Split, Croatia
  •    Mon – Fri: 9am to 4pm
It was a total pleasure working with creative, personable and professional person like Milivoj and his Co. I would use his company any time, and know that results are going to be more than satisfying.
Marija Dail
OSCAR member
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Bilo mi je izrazito zadovoljstvo surađivati sa Prime Render d.o.o. na našem projektu Interpretacijski Centar- Klis.Radujemo se budućoj suradnji i svakako preporučujem Prime Render d.o.o. kao iznimno kvalitetne, profesionalne i odgovorne suradnike.
Mila Mihovilović
Direktorica poduzetničkog inkubatora
Thursday, August 31, 2017
"For showing us that your solitude can be your salvation, where solitary wanderers can become the sentinels of our galaxy. For a film of real emotional punch about real people."
Chris Landreth
OSCAR winner
Thursday, August 31, 2017