Lemonade3d is becoming Prime Render Studios




We create exquisitely designed and crafted Animations which capture and hold attention.

As a leading 3D/2D animation company and animated film studio, we understand that even the most interesting concept or topic needs some creativity and imagination for effective and vibrant communication.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to handle your animated video project from start to finish or you need some additional help for one step of the process - we have your back!

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

At Prime Render Studios, we see VR and AR as an exciting new platform for experience based marketing, education, gaming and film.

We design and develop VR animated films and custom VR and AR experiences for marketers, brands and companies, specializing in interactive computer generated experiences that allow for a more active experience and endless narrative possibilities.

CG Assets

We excel in asset production and we work with various aspects like modelling, texturing and lighting. We have accumulated great experience working with character models, textures and so on. Creating 3D models of characters, environments, different props and objects is one of our specialities.

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